Sunday, November 30, 2008

Think Out of the Box

Okay, what does this entry title means anyway?

Thinking something that is beyond our imagination?

Can we do that? Well, ur looking at the right person bebeh! ME !!

Yup, I mean, for those who know me that well ( dearest hubby especially hehe) will definitely and immidiately understood what I meant by the abovementioned entry title.

I am a kind of person who tend to think about all the things that goes around my life. I mean ALL. I dunno why but it kinda run automatically in my head even in my sleep. When I wake up the next morning I can still thinking about the same issue continuously. Wow, that really is something eh?

O fourse people tell me not to think about them so much but how can I? If only it would be solved in just a click away now that won't be much of a trouble isn't it. The more I tell my conscious to stop thinking, the harder the brain works. Doing something else that could shake the matter of my head? Hmmm. Been there done that. No use. Not working.

I think I almost had a nervous breakdown few times a few years back. Scary, yeah. And now it hit me back once more! Oh No. I hate this. Why is it happening to me. Need I go to a psychiatrist. Just now I said to hubby that I wanted to self admit me to 'that' hospital in Tampoi. Of course la he said I was nonsense. Im no schizophreniac!

People, I may look funny, witty, silly or crazy sometimes in the outside and Im happy that somehow I can brightens a person's day, I can shed someone's sorrows away. Believe me I do want to be that very person in the inside. Especially in the inside.

Nway I miss my butty so much. Been some time since we last spoke. I think shes mad at me. Or she just been busy? Oh no my head already spinning...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Tomorrow should be the day that I was looking forward to for the few past months. Yes, I struggle to fight for this free trip to Paris. And now that the moment that I've been looking for is actually tomorrow, I don't have a heart at all. Im more like looking forward to be back from there. What is it with me, eh?

Could it be because of the piling loads of work Im gonna left behind unsettled? Or because I don't have that much of money to shop there? Or simply because hubby won't be joining me there. Yup. Definitely. What a silly thing to do being in that romantic metropolitan alone without my loved one?? No point I see. But because the trip is FOC what the heck!

Nway, we just celebrated our first year anni cum my birthday (tak aci!) last week. Hubby got me this nice bracelet which apparently is slightly big for my cute hand but its okey hehe. Im luving it! So what did I get him? Nothing. I mean not yet hehe. I'll get him something special from my one week trip tomorrow. Already im missing him now huhu...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nothing and Everything

Wow! Its been so long since i last updated my blog? Did anyone miss me? No? I thought so. Anyway people are more interested in high profile blogs nowadays, if you know what I mean. Spicing things up, turning the world upside down like noone's business. Well, I in contradiction am here just for fun and killing my precious time.

Speaking of which, yes, time is the most precious thing you can't put a price to reverse it. As for me, I've been busy, I mean really really busy to the extent that I don't have even a tiny jiffy time to kill. All been spent wisely (ye ke?) :).

So what's new? Oh, my boss. Hes moved and we celebrated it to the max yes we did! And the repalcement boss is kinda down to earth type of person. Which for me is damn good. See, I can't hear what hes saying. Hes kinda whispering instead of talking which is soooo opposite to my ex-boss okay? No more yelling my names, no more embarassing me infront of other teachers and students. My dreams come true. No more living hell. Woohooo!!!

On other happy note, last week sent Suhailah to UTM. She's doing Polimer Chem Eng.Okay lah not so far from home. She can always come home if anything (we are some hopeless homesickers okay hahahaha!)

This Sunday will be sending SIL Atikah to Bandung. She'll be doing Medic there. I hope both siter dearie will do fine on their studies. Not like me. Saya seorang yg sangat malas dulu kihkih...

What else? Aha.... there's another lack of affection from parent punye student of mine yg sgt kerap asyik call and text me whenever she could. Don't get me wrong here, but Im tired of handling her. To be honest Im not good around kids and I dont know how to ditch her so I just ignore. After a while she noticed That I was keeping a distance from her and she back away. You don't know how relieved I was okay! I also felt sorry for her at the same time if you must know. Im not that evil. Yet.

Last but not least, can't wait for PARIS this coming November (its my birthday month yeay!). Will it be winter there?

Friday, May 23, 2008


Today is the last day of school (horaayy!) but somehow I didn't feel as excited as I expected. Why? Hmmm someone already spoiled my holiday before it even begun. Who? Well, him who must not be named HAHA. Sounds familiar?

He said something like teguran membina, but how come I felt like sangat sangat down every time he opened his mouth? Me, oversensitive? I don't think so. Tell me,what would you feel if you got scolded in front of the students so many many times? I mean if he, who must not be named is so called profesional he would have called me personally in his office and okey, you don't have to shout la please. Saya bukan bidak hingusan lagi...

So that's it. I am considering to quit my job coz there's an opportunity awaits me. Still thinking about it very very hard. Not that saya sayangkan sekolah itu (blergghhhh!!!) but entahlah...

Nway, like my one and only BUTTY said persetankan aje mereka-mereka itu! Looking forward to my Redang trip next week.Woohoo!

Happy Belated Teacher's Day to teachers all around the world, especially to hubby dearest, my mum and ex-IPPMians girls!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I left my handphone at home today. Not that I'm rushing to school or late or something like that. Biasa-biasa aje.I just simply didn't realize that the thing wasn't with me until a few teachers came to me and started yelling histerically at me coz I didn't answer their calls.HAHA.

The funny part was that, the only day I left my handphone, the very that day lah yang everybody soo wanted to contact me. Bank la, LHDN la, anonymous numbers lah and even hubby pun which is very unlikely for him okay, to call me at working hours !! All on the same day. Padahal hari-hari saya angkut benda antik ni pi sekolah takde sape plak nak call. Haih...Wrong timing beb!

On another separate note, Butty reminded me of our gila-gila time in MPOB. Seriously we are all crazy researchers back then. She is soo contageous she can spread her gila disease all around her. And I am just proud to be infected by her, which makes me a chronic gila-gila carrier now haha.

Butty miss you like crazy lah!

Who nerz?!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

This is where the journey ends (begins)

Tomorrow my lil sis will be seating for her final exam which marks the end of her foundation program.She just can't hardly wait to set her fat bum home hehehe....

Anyway, here wishing you ALL THE BEST for your final exam girl! One thing that I am very sure of this demented girl is that she will always nailed it somehow. I just knew it. No worries. After all she is the genius in the family. Why bother worry???

So break a leg girl, both legs if you must. In fact crush all your limbs lah! Make it none other than 4 flat kay! I know you can do it!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Have you ever miscommunicate with a friend you thought that confronting them would instantly make you feel better yet you feel terribly guilty instead???

YES I have!


Sangat miserable. This time around a time traveller would be as handy.

I mean, I didn't see it coming you see. All I wanted to do is to patch things up. You know, bury the hatchet. All went wrong and the person got mighty furious! Sangat menyesal okay....

So what should I do? Apologise for being honest?? That's ridiculous!There are things better left unsaid.

Wish that person would change THAT attitude and let us move on with our lives

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Love vs Hatred

Copied from a friend's friend blog.

Find it somehow rather interesting.

Happy reading.

Ketika bercakap, mengapa sesetengah orang begitu kuat suaranya seolah-olah berteriak? Adakah dengan berteriak akan menjadikan mesej lebih bertenaga daripada bersuara perlahan dan memadai untuk menyampaikan mesej?

Suatu hari, seorang guru bertanya kepada murid-muridnya. "Mengapa ketika seseorang sedang dalam keadaan marah, dia akan bercakap dengan suara yang kuat atau berteriak?"

Seorang murid mengangkat tangan dan menjawab, "Kerana pada masa itu dia telah hilang sabar, sebab itulah berteriak."

"Tapi..." gurunya bertanya semula. "Rakannya berada di sebelah sahaja. Mengapa dia harus berteriak? Kenapa tidak dapat bersuara dengan lebih perlahan?"

Hampir semua pelajar memberikan jawapan yang dikira munasabah menurut pertimbangan mereka. Tetapi tidak ada satu jawapan yang memuaskan hati guru.

Lalu guru menerangkan: "Ketika dua orang yang sedang berada dalam keadaan marah, jarak antara kedua hati menjadi sangat jauh walaupun secara fizikalnya mereka begitu hampir. Jadi, untuk sampai ke jarak berkenaan, mereka mesti berteriak supaya didengari.

Anehnya, semakin kuat dan keras berteriak, mereka menjadi semakin marah dan dengan sendirinya jarak hati yang ada di antara kedua-duanya menjadi lebih jauh. Dan mereka terpaksa berteriak dengan lebih kuat."

Sambil merenung mata para pelajarnya, guru ini menambah: "Sebaliknya, apa yang terjadi jika dua orang saling cinta mencintai? Mereka tidak pun berteriak tetapi membisikkan suara yang halus, kecil dan mesra. Sehalus manapun, mereka masih lagi mendengar suara masing-masing.

Mengapa?" Para pelajar nampak buntu dengan muka yang penuh tanda tanya. Kelihatan seperti berfikir tetapi tidak berani bersuara memberikan jawapan.

"Kerana hati mereka begitu dekat dan tidak berjarak. Hati mereka begitu hampir sehingga sepatah ucapan pun tidak perlu diluahkan, cukup dengan pandangan mata kerana mereka memahami apa yang ingin disampaikan."

Akhirnya guru membuat kesimpulan. "Ketika sedang marah, janganlah kamu mencipta jarak hati. Lebih-lebih lagi jangan mengeluarkan kata-kata yang menyakitkan kerana ia melebarkan jarak hati kamu. Mungkin pada masa itu, yang terbaik ialah berdiam diri, duduk atau berbaring kerana waktu akan membantu kamu."

hmm..kinda true jugak eh?..

Friday, February 29, 2008

The Next Generation

I just got back from a meeting at SMKSI so Im off school today.Yippie!

But it's not about the meeting I wanted to talk about here. On my way to that particular school this afternoon, I saw a bunch of my students by the road waiting for a bus I think. Obviously they skipped school. Instantly I feel like wanting to send them back to school, but because of the meeting I change my mind.

Right after the meeting end I went straight back home. This time I have to pass the town and guess what? I saw another bunch of my students sedang berpeleseran di bandar with their school uniform!

Again I felt like halting my car and sent them back to school.It was so ashamed to have to witness all these.They are only 14, guys. Apa la nak jadi....

My boss always said that only a few of the students whom are mischievious and problematics in school. But sorry I beg to differ, I think they are only few of the students who really wanted to be somebody in the future. Who have a long-term goals and understand why they have to go to school. Which to me, to sum it all in percentage is only about 20%. The other 80%, all they care is their physical appearance, made up hair, extra short pinafore, eyeliners and mascara sticking to their faces, and all sorts of fashionable stuf lah. You name it. So very obnoxious!

I mean who knows the students better than I do? I taught 13 out of 15 classes last year. That's why I can do the math. I think the word nakal is no longer approprite based on their behaviour. And I won't dare to extend the subject of their behaviour. All I can say is that, I think most of them are born with an extra Y chromosome. They are all criminals in the making. My God, it's so scary yet depressing just to have a glimpse of it on my mind!

But no matter how, I am still taking the responsibilities on educating them in school, to tame them tak banyak sikit pun jadilah. The rest is up to themselves wise thinking and acting. With God's will, I hope they all gonna be a useful person one day.

For our future.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kekasih Gelapnya

I have this friend D, which is one of my close friends whom is involved with someone's husband.It is not really an affair la coz she knew this husband ages before he got married to this lady.i would say they are close friends.Very close...

So what happen last night was that she got busted! Yes,with the wife.The words she texted her was terribly and unacceptably harsh. Even I whom have got nothing to do with them pun terasa giler.Sangatlah tajam.Pedih. But ye lah of coz D have to face the fact no matter how. I mean she is the wife.If that ever happen to me pun I think I'd do the same.Defend whats yours.

But back to the real situation, D is the former girlfriend.For years before the guy married another person. But the relationship was a long distance based. After a few years anything can happen. Benda kalau nak jadi even right under our own nose pun it still will happen.So the guy got attracted to another woman and without hesitate got married. Sgt cepat okey! Dan tak tau malu selamber je beritau D about this soooo great news of him. But promise to keep their friendship forever.Cilaka tau this guy! Sooo unfaithful!

So I told D, get over him instantly.Had I ben on her place there'sno such thing as friends anymore.I know nothing about him.Obviously he's not the one for you! But yelah, its easy for us just to blab things out.But she on the other hand still cannot accept. If Im not mistaken this is the third year of their marriage. So the friendship continues secretly untill terkantoi lst night.

The thing is, I dunno what to say anymore. She never listen to me. I on't suppose I would encourage her to marry him? Yes, the guy ask her hand several times! Nak tebus kesalahan la tu. Typical stupid Malaysian guy! Senang nye nak sort things out. Ingat boleh settle semua problem ke dengan brilliant idea die tu. God,aku plak yg emo!

So help me guys. Tell me what should I tell her. She is so depressedright now. I think if she continues like this she'll lose her mind.Please no!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


It's already February. And yup, its a month of celebration coz hubby's birthday is coming up!

So what should I get him this year? I'm thinking of getting him a new pair of futsal footwear since I noticed that his' current shoes dah season macam ape jer...

Or I could get him a new set of badminton racket. Tengok hari tu dia macam ade survey (or was he trying to gimme a hint??) and he seemed so interested on those.

Or should a guitar be an option. Last time I mentioned about how quite a long time since he last strummed his guitar to me. Coz the guitar pun dah season giler it simply broke lah! If I get him a new one he can lullaby me to sleep every night haha!

Wah so indecisive nyer saya!

Which one, which one?????

Monday, January 28, 2008

Can You Keep A Secret??

Here goes my BIGGEST confession of the year. I HATE MY JOB! I HATE MY BOSS! THEY ARE BOTH SUCK!!!

There, I said it. Tho it done nothing to subside any of my loathe and despise towards them both. Okay maybe had not it be my boss, I would have given my job a chance to be liked.

I never wanted to be a teacher. Guess I've mentioned it hundreds of thousands of times. Being one at this particular school of mine means you got to be next to perfection. Which to me is a total next to never!

I mean how possible can it be? Guys, Im the girl who's breaking all the rules.But I still know what's right or wrong. Being at school is like being caged at home back before I got married. Yes, it is suffocating!!

And because of him, I was so angry I caned a boy so bad I think his shoulder blade bruised. Even I can feel the masive pain (serius punye hayun okay!) Anyway sape suruh die pecahkan cermin tingkap. Everybody's getting into my skin la.

The truth is, I don't have to be like that.I need not to hit the boy so hard. Kesian..Of course I feel so terrible for my silly action. Could it be the imbalance or changing of the hormone? Could they be right?

Am I pregnant?

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Yesterday, I felt a slight dizziness upon waking up in the morning. So I search for an aspirin and went back to sleep. Got up at 12 noon and ready for school. I know Imnot feeling that well, but entah kenapa I wanted to go to school. Maybe because of the piling unfinished jobs.

So saya gagahkan juga diri ke sekolah. After a few hours you guessed it. Collapse okay, tak boleh bergerak. Nak panjat tangga 4 tingkat tu Ya Allah berjam2 rasanya! Kepala dah pening, suara dah hilang and I can see twice as many of my 38 students, My God....

Balik tu nak drive pun rasa berpinar2 mata. Hubby tengok I terkejut! That night pegi clinic you know what the doctor said? I got high fever! Strangely I can't feel a thing. Hubby said he can feel the heat seating beside me. Lebih hangat daripada biasa, I said hehe...Sempat lagi nak melawak sakit :).

So today I mc lah. Baru je berlagak dgn mak hari tu saying that I haven't been sick for the past two years. Now, cakap besar lagi hehe...

Okay the effect of the medicine is kicking in already. I better go and take a nap. Hubby volunteered to cook woohoo! And do the housechores.Tq sayang!

Enjoy your weekend you guys!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Breaking All the Rules

Its 10am on a very lazy Sunday morning. Hubby is still in bed. Done making breakfast. Its jemput-jemput ikan bilis n kopi O. Seating in front of my lappy waiting for hubby to wake up, suddenly I thought of my life before I got married.

Waking up late is a BIG NO-NO for me okay!For those who knew me sooo very well should know how my parent treated me. Yes, go ask my sister. She witnessed'em all. They have been terribly overprotective towards me for the reason even until now, I am not so sure of. No this, no that oh, I just couldn't forget the suffocating feeling! From childhood right up the day before my big day.

After finally settled down, I suddenly remembered a friend whom got married at an early age of 22. I asked her how was it like to be married?. And she said, it was a total freedom and that she thinks I should get married too. At that moment I was like, what a waste of youth. Tak sempat nak enjoy life (yeah, like I had one duuhhhh!).

Of course la masa tu I didn't have a single clue what she meant by freedom until I got married. Im not saying that I am happy to be departed from my parent but again, as I was saying I can not stand the suffocating. Now I can wake up late on a Sunday morning or even on every other morning,I can watch TV waktu maghrib (since I usually got tensed up back from school, so TV is like one way of escapisme tension reliever hehe.So I really need it!), I can delay the housechores and continue whenever I like, I can ove the furniture all around the house, I can toss away the antics stuff. Oh it feels sooo good to be married!!!

I know, some might think I sounded not so impressive, especially for a newlyweds like me. Yelah mestilah kene tunjuk rajin depan husband kan. Baru kawin la katekan. But I don't give a damn of what people think as long as my hubby understands me. He is the only one person I'll listen to.

Buat ape nak jadi hypocrite? Unless you are so damn rajin that one is a whole different story la. I am going to be sticking to be myself. Im done with satisfying and meeting everybody's needs.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Class of 2008

Happy New Year everybody!!! I hope it's not to late for me to wish y'all. Tho its kinda late eh?

Any new resolution guys? Mine is....rahsia hehe.Okay, I need to lose some weight. Same like the past 5 years. Whether its attainable or not, now that's another diferent story.There, I said it. How about you guys?

Anyway, this year dapat lagi anak-anak seramai 38 orang. Yup, Form 1 this time around macam blur sikit. Boring jer...Unlike last year first week dah tunjuk belang. This year I nak jegil mata pun tak sampai hati, but tak tau la esok lusa macam mana kan...looks can be sooo deceiving!

There is a story on the registration day, a parent came to enroll their quartet twins. Yes you read it right.4 orang twins kau! The funny part is that parent wanted their children to be placed in the same class.No way also has system you know. You can't just fulfill all parent crappy demands.

Anyway, their children ni, being an obidient boys and girls (2 boys and 2 girls) ikut la cakap mak bapak diorang.Supposedly a pair of them should be in my class. ku siap personally panggil diorang okey jemput balik kelas. Know what was their respond? " Tapi bapak suruh duduk sama-sama." I was like, budak ni.....

That one is settled la. Today is not a very good day for me. You see I am pissed of with this boy of a class, yet I enter the next class and yelled at them all. God,I feel so terrible. Kesian diorang.As the class go on slowly I can clm myself. But still I feel terrible.

Okay la hubby dah lapar I pulak still depan laptop hehe...


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