Sunday, January 20, 2008

Breaking All the Rules

Its 10am on a very lazy Sunday morning. Hubby is still in bed. Done making breakfast. Its jemput-jemput ikan bilis n kopi O. Seating in front of my lappy waiting for hubby to wake up, suddenly I thought of my life before I got married.

Waking up late is a BIG NO-NO for me okay!For those who knew me sooo very well should know how my parent treated me. Yes, go ask my sister. She witnessed'em all. They have been terribly overprotective towards me for the reason even until now, I am not so sure of. No this, no that oh, I just couldn't forget the suffocating feeling! From childhood right up the day before my big day.

After finally settled down, I suddenly remembered a friend whom got married at an early age of 22. I asked her how was it like to be married?. And she said, it was a total freedom and that she thinks I should get married too. At that moment I was like, what a waste of youth. Tak sempat nak enjoy life (yeah, like I had one duuhhhh!).

Of course la masa tu I didn't have a single clue what she meant by freedom until I got married. Im not saying that I am happy to be departed from my parent but again, as I was saying I can not stand the suffocating. Now I can wake up late on a Sunday morning or even on every other morning,I can watch TV waktu maghrib (since I usually got tensed up back from school, so TV is like one way of escapisme tension reliever hehe.So I really need it!), I can delay the housechores and continue whenever I like, I can ove the furniture all around the house, I can toss away the antics stuff. Oh it feels sooo good to be married!!!

I know, some might think I sounded not so impressive, especially for a newlyweds like me. Yelah mestilah kene tunjuk rajin depan husband kan. Baru kawin la katekan. But I don't give a damn of what people think as long as my hubby understands me. He is the only one person I'll listen to.

Buat ape nak jadi hypocrite? Unless you are so damn rajin that one is a whole different story la. I am going to be sticking to be myself. Im done with satisfying and meeting everybody's needs.


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