Sunday, February 3, 2008


It's already February. And yup, its a month of celebration coz hubby's birthday is coming up!

So what should I get him this year? I'm thinking of getting him a new pair of futsal footwear since I noticed that his' current shoes dah season macam ape jer...

Or I could get him a new set of badminton racket. Tengok hari tu dia macam ade survey (or was he trying to gimme a hint??) and he seemed so interested on those.

Or should a guitar be an option. Last time I mentioned about how quite a long time since he last strummed his guitar to me. Coz the guitar pun dah season giler it simply broke lah! If I get him a new one he can lullaby me to sleep every night haha!

Wah so indecisive nyer saya!

Which one, which one?????

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