Thursday, January 24, 2008


Yesterday, I felt a slight dizziness upon waking up in the morning. So I search for an aspirin and went back to sleep. Got up at 12 noon and ready for school. I know Imnot feeling that well, but entah kenapa I wanted to go to school. Maybe because of the piling unfinished jobs.

So saya gagahkan juga diri ke sekolah. After a few hours you guessed it. Collapse okay, tak boleh bergerak. Nak panjat tangga 4 tingkat tu Ya Allah berjam2 rasanya! Kepala dah pening, suara dah hilang and I can see twice as many of my 38 students, My God....

Balik tu nak drive pun rasa berpinar2 mata. Hubby tengok I terkejut! That night pegi clinic you know what the doctor said? I got high fever! Strangely I can't feel a thing. Hubby said he can feel the heat seating beside me. Lebih hangat daripada biasa, I said hehe...Sempat lagi nak melawak sakit :).

So today I mc lah. Baru je berlagak dgn mak hari tu saying that I haven't been sick for the past two years. Now, cakap besar lagi hehe...

Okay the effect of the medicine is kicking in already. I better go and take a nap. Hubby volunteered to cook woohoo! And do the housechores.Tq sayang!

Enjoy your weekend you guys!

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