Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Ring Bearer (edited)

Alhamdulillah the ceremony went well. A million thanks to all who came to my engagement. For those who cant make it to my day, well it would've been merrier if u guys were there! Sadly not much pictures were taken. I'm not sure what kept me busy that day??

Anyway, still I can not believe that ...I am engaged!

May our love last for eternity. Remains forever. Amin.

Friday, February 16, 2007

The One Who Celebrates His Birthday

Today 15 February 2007 is my darling Amzari's birthday. I am so glad that my card arrived exactly today and could give him some sort of a surprise. Well, at least I make him smile after a long day at school.

To the love of my life, may all your dreams come true. May you lead a happy life and may our love remains forever. For eternity. Amin.

On another happy note, I am sooooo relief that my annual school's Sports Day finally over. Oh, u have no idea how hectic I was this whole week. I mean of course every week is a hectic week, but this one is really a major super hectic week!

U see, of all the hundreds teachers in the school, I was so unfortunate to be picked as the emcee for, in my opinion a big hell of an event. I have to be at school as early as 8am in the morning return home just to change cloth and headed back to school to teach in the evening. And I call it a day at 7pm.

Fiuuuuhhh...I know maybe for some of u mine was not such a big deal. But get this.Doing the thing u have no idea what ur doing or have not an inch of interest of doing it at all for almost 12 hrs straight for a week. How about that? Yeah..u know what Im saying.Terrible!!

Now that the damage has been done,(Oh did I tell u what a horrible emcee I was hehe...) its time to get thrilled for the next event.OMG I cannot believe Sunday is just two days away!!!! The one event of my life. Im so excited. I really hope my best buddies can come on my special day. But I know they are all far away and may have their own agenda. But girls, I really really appreciate it if u can make it. Pleaseeeeeee hehe...

I hope everything is going to be fine this weekend. I miss him so much.After a very hard week its good to see the face that tranquilizes me instantly. After all its been a while since I last saw him.

To all my friends, do pray for our happiness.Luv u guys, really!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Blues Untuk Aku

have u ever wake up in the morning feeling something isn't right. u wanted so much to get back into slumber. but no matter how hard u try u just couldn't.

i do. almost everyday. the moment i open my eyes the sense of uneasiness crawling instantly up my chest, back my spine n all over my body. i wish i wasn't awake at that time. i dunno what causes that thing to happen n why. okey, okey. i do know why. but even if i tell u won't gonna believe me. or do u????

i miss him. there. i spilled it out. oh, it is soooo embarassing. i know u'd laugh!

well, that was only one ten of the cause. the rest i need not have to state it here.

see, the feeling of missing somebody is somewhat a disturbance! i could go mad had i not pull myself together. i could kill myself if i keep on carried away like this!

i like it yet hate it at the same time. it makes me so weak and vulnerable.*sigh*

the feeling of missing someone is truly undoubtly an ultimate powerful feeling i guess no one can deny.

am i right or am i right??

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