Sunday, June 25, 2006

Girl Interrupted NOOOOT!

A lecturer thinks i am a disturbed student. Disturbed??I was like whaat??? I mean, that was some serious s**t??

Okey fine, I was caught redhanded laa while daydreaming in class, hands down. The lecturer made me repeat the last sentence he spoke. Fiiuuuhh...luckily I didnt go far heh! But there was nothing wrong about daydreaming was there?? That doesnt make me some sort of a psycho right?? I was only practicing some escapisme method. Everybody does it once in awhile. Maybe I was overdoing it eh?

Nooo...actually I wasn't daydreaming then. I was thinking. I think a lot, I think hard. I even think when Im asleep. Eerrr I think....I guess thats why I wake up looking fatigue. Somehow I must find a way to overcome this. My processor is running 24-7!

On a separate note, I am a week away from my practicum. I'll be entering school as a trainee teacher. If you ask me, I have nothing to say. Ready?? I dont know. All I know is I wanted sooo much to get out of here. This place suck the happiness out of me instatly. Merciless. This place is a Dementor!

Thursday, June 1, 2006

for those who still care...

i received an email recently from an ex-colleague wanting to know how am i doing. well, this kind of email is very rare to me, considering the fact that i...rarely received that kinda email.right.

anyway i thank the old pal for her concern :). i am very sorry for my long was also my fault.i was too busy for anything or anyone...

so, for those out there, here are some latest happenings in my world.

1. Its school break n im home once never felt like heaven ive got the chance to fill up my lungs with O2 enuff for the next term. oh, n im planning of doing nothing but sticking my butt to the floor, untill the floor cracks or something.n watch the TV till my eyes pop out. n sleep,yes!

2. I look 5 inches wider yet im not gaining any odd is that??so im happy n depressed both at the same time.what do u expect???

3. I drive like crazy nowadays, blame it to the Malaccans drivers. i surely scare the hell out of my friends lol

4. I am not seeing anyone n m far cry from getting married

5. I freak out whenever people wants to matchmake me. i dunno why, but i hv the feeling tht, the other party also hv the same idea about matchmaking.plz, with all due respect, let me find my own soulmates.although my mum saying "u dont mixed around, i can u search for someone?" is soooo true, but i'll think of something....hhmmm....

6. I cry to the latest of Siti's tune.hey, it really is a touching song okey.or probably my PMS tht got me carried away?

7. this chickenpox scars are forever annoying. they really getting on my nerves!when ever can they get rid of themselves??!!

8. Nnnnn.....guys,im one step closer of becoming a teacher!wow, i feel like a reality TV show participant.yep. im slowly swallowing tht hard fact. so kids out there, brace either soft as candy or a ferocious beast. u decide.


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