Sunday, July 30, 2006

What’s the name of this game??

Im totally confused! One minute he was all nice, such a sweettalker and next morning he was cold as ice. Ape ni?

The thing is, we bumped into each other in the dining hall again. I feel like jumping all over tapi tahan jer la. Then he flashed his ultimate dazzling smile. Aiyoh..that was priceless! I actually heard myself screaming inside for more. It went like Do it again! Do it again!

Anyway back to the subject why is he playing this hard to get game on me. I don’t get it?? Act normal la I only wanted to befriend with him. End of story. Hhmmmm…

On a much happier note, I accidentally got to know his birthday! Yeay me! I feel like winning a lottery hehe...

Indecent Envial

Yesterday, our lecturer, Cikgu Jafri came by to observe me and Ina. We were in the middle of a discussion at the school cantin when suddenly my sleepy eyes caught the attention of this familiarly golden Honda. Grinning almost instantly I was like "Oooo he's still at school hehe..." It was about 3pm according to my watch.

Cikgu Jafri was checking my lesson plan while I practically wandered around searching for my eye candy. Definitely no sign of him here. So off Cikgu Jafri went. It seemed like someone was waiting for him somewhere. On our way home, there he was. I saw him. In a blue shirt. In a class having a discussion with a group of students. I was like Waa, how dedicated a teacher he is. Bagus. Bagus. But hang on, something wasn’t right there.

I turn my head again and yup, all the students were girls! What were they actually doing? Were they really need help? Suspicious betul! They got all the time in the world to be next to Cikgu A and spend time with him. Whereas me? Heck he doesn’t even notice me! He doesn’t even care if I were checking on him now n then. May be he is used to that phenomenal.

Suddenly I realized something. Is this how it feels to be ignored. To be neglected. To be rejected?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Im on Cloud 9

Setiap ada kamu mengapa jantungku
Berdetak lebih kencang
Seperti genderang mau perang

Setiap ada kamu mengapa darahku
Mengalir lebih cepat dari ujung kaki ke ujung kepala

Setiap ada kamu otakku berpikir
Bagaimana caranya untuk berdua bersama kamu

Aku sedang ingin bercinta
Karena mungkin ada kamu disini
Aku ingin…
Aku ingin…

haih, angau dah budak suhana ni...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Getting Flirty

My life @ SMKLC was nothing but boring to death until last week. His presence really caught my attention. I dunno why. How come I've nvr seen him before? Maybe I was too busy to look around the whole school hehe.

It started when some of the students mentioned his name n apparently trying to matchmake me with him la. I was like not again?? At first I was not interested at all, but somehow I was secretly searching for this teacher in speaking!So there he was. As me n dear mate Ina were having our lunch, dia dengan selambanya fill his plate n join us. Can u imagine? I was like "Oooo so ni la dia Cikgu A.." He was like surrendering himself. No need for me to look for him anymore.Yeay!

So Cikgu A was not that all handsome laa, but there's something about his mysterious look that makes me go uumm a bit wild? Yup, hes got this stern looking face n all but funnily I find it very sexy hehe.Like I said I dunnno why. I've nvr felt this way before for years u know?! It certainly does sounds crazy but, wait till he flashes his nice set of chompers haiiihh....n his eyes aisay...Simply irresistible!

Anyway, I only want to spice my life a lil bit. That's all. Lagipun, I dont think he know my name at all :(.
Well, looks like now I have a reason to wake up every morning n go to school hehe....
Gosh, what am I now a serial stalker????

Monday, July 17, 2006

Breaking all the rules

Remember I once said that Im not the person to pull a stern face and tell someone whats right from wrong? I guess now I have to take back my words. Haaiihhh...

Ni semua gara-gara kelas 4KM1 yang mcm setan tu! Seriously, stepping in the class, I feel like Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Mind instantly. HAHA. The kids I tell u, are sooo spoilt and corrupted.

So anyway, that one historic day, when the tension ran very high and the kids are really getting on my nerves I exploded. Yup. I actually yelled at the whole class. U just can not imagine how satisfying I felt. Aku pulak yg mcm kena rasuk. Kalau laa ada lecturer observe confirm gagal aku heh. The bad thing is, I felt terribly guilty afterwards for throwing harsh words at those brats. But hey, they do deserve that okay?

Well, i know that was my big mistake. But making up with them is a big NO NO. Sometimes u hv to do that u know. Another way to motivate people. Ckp lembut2 ni dh takde effect dah!

Wait! The interesting part is just yet to come. By the day, the class monitor came to me and pass me a letter. My initial reaction was like "Oh, now u want to blackmail me ha? Lu ingat gua takut??" Tapi yang sebenarnya aku gerun jugak ehehe..But contrary to my own speculation it was an apoligizing letter. i was like touched u know. Budak-budak pailang tu minta maaf kat aku? kah kah.

Seriously I cried. Tapi esoknya sama jer perangai diorang. So I let them be lah. What to do? Its their nature.

Sunday, July 9, 2006

La Tortura

it felt soooo indescribably good to be out of the school n back home!seriously u hv no idea, ok.only a week n im a total zombie.get this, i wake up at 6, go to school, run to cc searching for T&L materials, mkn, mlm buat lesson plan for tomorrows class plus d worksheets, got to bed at 3, wake up again next morning at 6 n repeat the whole thing over again. yup, call me mental i dun care less....

this is insane. sooo torturing i dont know if i can make it or not..

oh, n please dont get me started with the brats at school.u see, im not good with kids .really, its not my thing dealing with them so, im sorry if i didnt reach the expectation...but maybe i'll get better gradually eh?

so, a week down 9 left to go.will i still be in the running?will i survive?? counting days is my latest obsession HAHA

on a happy note, congratulations nisaa, deqnor n faz on their new born babies.i wish nothing but happiness to the mother the babies n the nisaa, next time spare me those labouring details okay.u make me think twice even to get married!

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Good Morning, Teacher!

Life isnt getting any better for me nowadays...

I even fight for my O2 inhalation.

Seriously, being a traineel teacher is such a threat.FATAL!!!

On a minor case, its absolutely fun hehe...

You get kids adoring you wherever you go! Errr....provided you are as cute as I am la hehe kidding!

Haiiihhh...bila laa nak abih KPLI ni....

Tak sabar rasanya nak pegi vacation this year end.

I'll be on the other continent (jakun, suhana!)

Wake me up when November ends!

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