Sunday, November 30, 2008

Think Out of the Box

Okay, what does this entry title means anyway?

Thinking something that is beyond our imagination?

Can we do that? Well, ur looking at the right person bebeh! ME !!

Yup, I mean, for those who know me that well ( dearest hubby especially hehe) will definitely and immidiately understood what I meant by the abovementioned entry title.

I am a kind of person who tend to think about all the things that goes around my life. I mean ALL. I dunno why but it kinda run automatically in my head even in my sleep. When I wake up the next morning I can still thinking about the same issue continuously. Wow, that really is something eh?

O fourse people tell me not to think about them so much but how can I? If only it would be solved in just a click away now that won't be much of a trouble isn't it. The more I tell my conscious to stop thinking, the harder the brain works. Doing something else that could shake the matter of my head? Hmmm. Been there done that. No use. Not working.

I think I almost had a nervous breakdown few times a few years back. Scary, yeah. And now it hit me back once more! Oh No. I hate this. Why is it happening to me. Need I go to a psychiatrist. Just now I said to hubby that I wanted to self admit me to 'that' hospital in Tampoi. Of course la he said I was nonsense. Im no schizophreniac!

People, I may look funny, witty, silly or crazy sometimes in the outside and Im happy that somehow I can brightens a person's day, I can shed someone's sorrows away. Believe me I do want to be that very person in the inside. Especially in the inside.

Nway I miss my butty so much. Been some time since we last spoke. I think shes mad at me. Or she just been busy? Oh no my head already spinning...

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