Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I left my handphone at home today. Not that I'm rushing to school or late or something like that. Biasa-biasa aje.I just simply didn't realize that the thing wasn't with me until a few teachers came to me and started yelling histerically at me coz I didn't answer their calls.HAHA.

The funny part was that, the only day I left my handphone, the very that day lah yang everybody soo wanted to contact me. Bank la, LHDN la, anonymous numbers lah and even hubby pun which is very unlikely for him okay, to call me at working hours !! All on the same day. Padahal hari-hari saya angkut benda antik ni pi sekolah takde sape plak nak call. Haih...Wrong timing beb!

On another separate note, Butty reminded me of our gila-gila time in MPOB. Seriously we are all crazy researchers back then. She is soo contageous she can spread her gila disease all around her. And I am just proud to be infected by her, which makes me a chronic gila-gila carrier now haha.

Butty miss you like crazy lah!

Who nerz?!!!

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