Friday, May 23, 2008


Today is the last day of school (horaayy!) but somehow I didn't feel as excited as I expected. Why? Hmmm someone already spoiled my holiday before it even begun. Who? Well, him who must not be named HAHA. Sounds familiar?

He said something like teguran membina, but how come I felt like sangat sangat down every time he opened his mouth? Me, oversensitive? I don't think so. Tell me,what would you feel if you got scolded in front of the students so many many times? I mean if he, who must not be named is so called profesional he would have called me personally in his office and okey, you don't have to shout la please. Saya bukan bidak hingusan lagi...

So that's it. I am considering to quit my job coz there's an opportunity awaits me. Still thinking about it very very hard. Not that saya sayangkan sekolah itu (blergghhhh!!!) but entahlah...

Nway, like my one and only BUTTY said persetankan aje mereka-mereka itu! Looking forward to my Redang trip next week.Woohoo!

Happy Belated Teacher's Day to teachers all around the world, especially to hubby dearest, my mum and ex-IPPMians girls!

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