Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nothing and Everything

Wow! Its been so long since i last updated my blog? Did anyone miss me? No? I thought so. Anyway people are more interested in high profile blogs nowadays, if you know what I mean. Spicing things up, turning the world upside down like noone's business. Well, I in contradiction am here just for fun and killing my precious time.

Speaking of which, yes, time is the most precious thing you can't put a price to reverse it. As for me, I've been busy, I mean really really busy to the extent that I don't have even a tiny jiffy time to kill. All been spent wisely (ye ke?) :).

So what's new? Oh, my boss. Hes moved and we celebrated it to the max yes we did! And the repalcement boss is kinda down to earth type of person. Which for me is damn good. See, I can't hear what hes saying. Hes kinda whispering instead of talking which is soooo opposite to my ex-boss okay? No more yelling my names, no more embarassing me infront of other teachers and students. My dreams come true. No more living hell. Woohooo!!!

On other happy note, last week sent Suhailah to UTM. She's doing Polimer Chem Eng.Okay lah not so far from home. She can always come home if anything (we are some hopeless homesickers okay hahahaha!)

This Sunday will be sending SIL Atikah to Bandung. She'll be doing Medic there. I hope both siter dearie will do fine on their studies. Not like me. Saya seorang yg sangat malas dulu kihkih...

What else? Aha.... there's another lack of affection from parent punye student of mine yg sgt kerap asyik call and text me whenever she could. Don't get me wrong here, but Im tired of handling her. To be honest Im not good around kids and I dont know how to ditch her so I just ignore. After a while she noticed That I was keeping a distance from her and she back away. You don't know how relieved I was okay! I also felt sorry for her at the same time if you must know. Im not that evil. Yet.

Last but not least, can't wait for PARIS this coming November (its my birthday month yeay!). Will it be winter there?

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