Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shit Happens

I hope its not too late to wish all of you Muslims Happy Al- Mubarak.

So last week, I got my name scribbled on the floor at the back of the class by my so-called-supergenius-students. It read SUHANA IS DEAD. What an appreciation. This is how Im paid for educating a bunch of brats. For those who really know me Im not that bad at all. Seriously Im the sweetest thing ever. Hehe.Hey, Im supposed to be adored okay, but they wanted me dead!

Fine! If that's what they want that should be the exact thing they will get. I told you before I can be as sweet as candy and as vicious as a monster can be. They despise me when Im alive, see what happen when you have a zombie teacher crawling and tagging you along the school. How's that like? Use your imagination. Hah! Then they'll regret for the rest of their school years. Nak pindah sekolah? I'll arrange it right away!!!!!!

I didn't mean all of the students in the class. They are all good except for the 2,3 persons yang perasan macam bagus. I tell you, they haven't reach their puberty yet nak jadi gangster?? Ppbhhhttt...Only that they don't have a clue that their teacher is lagi gangster, wait till they see the principal. Okay, I went too far.

On other separate note, OMG today is September 26th!(I got the date right kan Dd hehe?) That means another month to go!! Again am I ready?????? Sheeeeshh my head keep spinning at school thinking about what I haven't done yet. Uurgghhhh...

Oh and today is also my bro Ali's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!

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