Sunday, March 25, 2007

Not Forgiven Nor Forgotten

Okey, before anything let me tell you that im not being harsh to anyone by the look of the blog entry. I think that I am being insulted. Offended more likely.

I have a friend, X. So this friend maybe a bit short-tempered person. Apparently X likes to pour her anger at no matter anyone at me. I can take it if I make her angry. But no!! Remember I wrote about me being the punching bag?? X happens to be my regular customer...

Well, surely X would apologizes the next day and things would be just as normal afterwards.The thing is I don't think I can sincerely forgive X. Once in a while boleh la, kalau selalu?

Yeah, call me a vindictive person. Maybe I am. I mean, whats the point of forgiving a person when you perfectly sure that she/he will do the same mistake over and over again? Somehow SORRY is no longer an apologizing sacred word for me no more. Its a typical over used phrase! When you simply forgive a person its like you giving them a season pass to repeat the same stupid mistakes whenever they feel free to do so??

Now tell me who is being cruel and unfair?

Obviously not me!

Im not holding grudges for nothing.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Flying Colours

Alhamdulillah my sister Suhailah obtained 7As for her SPM. That is waaaaayyy better than mine 10 years ago hehe. Come to think about it, mine wasn't just bad, it was terrible! Phheeww...but I made it to the best tertiary education centre in Malaysia.Tough luck eh? My future SIL Atiqah also not bad. She got 8As. Budak-budak sekarang ni pandai-pandai belaka. Ke aku jer dulu yang....

Anyway BIG CONGRATULATIONS to both of them lovely sisters. Hopefully they would enroll in the best university and the course of their choices and most of all not ending up like me. Seriously Im happy for both of u girls!

On a separate happy note, congratulation also to my other future SIL Ilyani and hubby Joe for their first newborn baby. And its a girl! She must be so adorable.Like me.Hehe.Can't wait to meet her this coming weekend.

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