Friday, February 29, 2008

The Next Generation

I just got back from a meeting at SMKSI so Im off school today.Yippie!

But it's not about the meeting I wanted to talk about here. On my way to that particular school this afternoon, I saw a bunch of my students by the road waiting for a bus I think. Obviously they skipped school. Instantly I feel like wanting to send them back to school, but because of the meeting I change my mind.

Right after the meeting end I went straight back home. This time I have to pass the town and guess what? I saw another bunch of my students sedang berpeleseran di bandar with their school uniform!

Again I felt like halting my car and sent them back to school.It was so ashamed to have to witness all these.They are only 14, guys. Apa la nak jadi....

My boss always said that only a few of the students whom are mischievious and problematics in school. But sorry I beg to differ, I think they are only few of the students who really wanted to be somebody in the future. Who have a long-term goals and understand why they have to go to school. Which to me, to sum it all in percentage is only about 20%. The other 80%, all they care is their physical appearance, made up hair, extra short pinafore, eyeliners and mascara sticking to their faces, and all sorts of fashionable stuf lah. You name it. So very obnoxious!

I mean who knows the students better than I do? I taught 13 out of 15 classes last year. That's why I can do the math. I think the word nakal is no longer approprite based on their behaviour. And I won't dare to extend the subject of their behaviour. All I can say is that, I think most of them are born with an extra Y chromosome. They are all criminals in the making. My God, it's so scary yet depressing just to have a glimpse of it on my mind!

But no matter how, I am still taking the responsibilities on educating them in school, to tame them tak banyak sikit pun jadilah. The rest is up to themselves wise thinking and acting. With God's will, I hope they all gonna be a useful person one day.

For our future.

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