Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Tomorrow should be the day that I was looking forward to for the few past months. Yes, I struggle to fight for this free trip to Paris. And now that the moment that I've been looking for is actually tomorrow, I don't have a heart at all. Im more like looking forward to be back from there. What is it with me, eh?

Could it be because of the piling loads of work Im gonna left behind unsettled? Or because I don't have that much of money to shop there? Or simply because hubby won't be joining me there. Yup. Definitely. What a silly thing to do being in that romantic metropolitan alone without my loved one?? No point I see. But because the trip is FOC what the heck!

Nway, we just celebrated our first year anni cum my birthday (tak aci!) last week. Hubby got me this nice bracelet which apparently is slightly big for my cute hand but its okey hehe. Im luving it! So what did I get him? Nothing. I mean not yet hehe. I'll get him something special from my one week trip tomorrow. Already im missing him now huhu...

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