Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kekasih Gelapnya

I have this friend D, which is one of my close friends whom is involved with someone's husband.It is not really an affair la coz she knew this husband ages before he got married to this lady.i would say they are close friends.Very close...

So what happen last night was that she got busted! Yes,with the wife.The words she texted her was terribly and unacceptably harsh. Even I whom have got nothing to do with them pun terasa giler.Sangatlah tajam.Pedih. But ye lah of coz D have to face the fact no matter how. I mean she is the wife.If that ever happen to me pun I think I'd do the same.Defend whats yours.

But back to the real situation, D is the former girlfriend.For years before the guy married another person. But the relationship was a long distance based. After a few years anything can happen. Benda kalau nak jadi even right under our own nose pun it still will happen.So the guy got attracted to another woman and without hesitate got married. Sgt cepat okey! Dan tak tau malu selamber je beritau D about this soooo great news of him. But promise to keep their friendship forever.Cilaka tau this guy! Sooo unfaithful!

So I told D, get over him instantly.Had I ben on her place there'sno such thing as friends anymore.I know nothing about him.Obviously he's not the one for you! But yelah, its easy for us just to blab things out.But she on the other hand still cannot accept. If Im not mistaken this is the third year of their marriage. So the friendship continues secretly untill terkantoi lst night.

The thing is, I dunno what to say anymore. She never listen to me. I on't suppose I would encourage her to marry him? Yes, the guy ask her hand several times! Nak tebus kesalahan la tu. Typical stupid Malaysian guy! Senang nye nak sort things out. Ingat boleh settle semua problem ke dengan brilliant idea die tu. God,aku plak yg emo!

So help me guys. Tell me what should I tell her. She is so depressedright now. I think if she continues like this she'll lose her mind.Please no!

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