Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Miss You Love

Hey you!
Yes you there with funny face!
Missing you already!!!

Hubby will be away till Saturday. Job related. Sent him off to the bus this morning and now Im feeling a bit drowsy. See, Im not a morning person so hehe

Meanwhile Im staying at my parents for the whole week. I think...
I prefer staying home but alone?? You know how paranoid I can be???

Nway Mister Hubby please do take extra care and do not even think to do what I do not want you to do hehe
Oh, in case you find me a little obnoxious yes I've never been apart from him this long hehe
So Im a pampered person
You got problem?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dont hate me coz Im beautiful....

I do not know about you, but if you ask me I am very cautious of my every movement every single words I say. Meaning that I do not simply use my sharp or harsh words against people. Well, yes I may sound sarcastic to some people but only if I am provoked. I am just defending myself not wanting others to take me as their daily jokes.

Nway, there are these two teachers in my school surprisingly I am pretty much close to them. But secretly I am a bit annoyed with them both. Knowing me or any other teachers we are gifted with a special talent to act. So I act normal, pretending I am not moved by their words or actions.

I am not yet blessed with my own baby. Can you please stop teasing me with the baby making thing? Its not funny.

I know you are still thrilled with your newborn but would you just stop sending me flashnews about him every now and then? Or make it less. It make sme sick sometimes.

Yes you got another designer handbag this month from your hubby. That makes total of them hhmmm lets see...200 already? Why tell me all these when you know I cant afford it in a million years? Dont you care about others feelings?

I am pathetic.

Hubby officially prohibit me from getting near them. Oh, did I mention that they will come to me unfailingly to purposely do their stuff? I dont have to go anywhere.

To be optimist, maybe they do not realise that they were actually hurting me inside. Maybe they just wanted to share thleir excitement. Or maybe its just me?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rain, you made my day

Its raining outside.

I like this kind of rain.

Not that heavy.

Just enough to give me the tranquility.

The peace of mind

Thank you dear rain, please come again another day!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

The school is no more a safe place...

Oh, I am so angry right now regarding the incident from yesterday. While all the teachers were having meetings with the VIPs some scoundrels students well, maybe he/she acted alone, stole a laptop from teachers staffroom.

Strange the laptop was missing due to the fact that this colleague of mine put it in a bag, no way a student could suspect a valuable thing like a lappy was inside. Unless...

And funny that mine was also barenakedly there and they didnt just take it. If they really wanted a lappy la kan. Clearly they were ransacking the bag. Poor her... I mean the staffroom are suppose to be a private area for teachers. This incident is far from our wildest imagination.

I do not believe that kids nowadays would go to that extent of behaviour. God, we are their teachers! To some student we know them way better than their parents do. We care about their future. And this is the way they pay their respects?

Now tell me what else could teacher do wrongs??

Its sickening...
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