Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Aussie Trip

im leaving for australia in about half hour time. hope i'll enjoy my vacation there. see u guys around soon!

Saturday, December 9, 2006


BTN was not as horrific as I imagine. Really. With pleasant facilitators, fun LDKs and kembara (I like going into the woods sometimes heh) you couldnt ask for more. I mean it was waaaay different than my last BTN back then when I was schooling. One exceptional would be they took our mobile phones away for 3 days. I can see some people seperti cacing kepanasan!Haha! Including me laa...How does it feel then? Oh, for me it was a bit distracting. I feel like loosing a limb. I feel like walking around naked ya know. Everything seemed wrong. Hehe...Ya i missed my handphone. My handphone okey, read my lips!I missed touching and caressing it before I go to bed (eewww disgust u suhana!)

So anyway, this is where my journey ends. I feel happy BTN was over. Yet I feel sad. This is where we go our separate ways. I cried like madness ok. When will we see each other again? We've gone through soo many hard times during KPLI. No one can understand that.And I mean NO ONE. Im sorry if anything girls. And thank you for everything. Yes we may had some stupid arguments, catfights or whatever. But trust me u guys put some colurs into my life. Come on laa...Imagine world without villains. Those superheroestak dapat cari makan ok??

I remember few years back I used to complaint of having so many spare time while everybody else seemed so busy. And had no time for me. That was because they all did their assignments last minutes and I didnt.Heh. Kidding. No really. Now I know how does it feel to be kept busy...unwillingly. I have no time for my family, my friends let alone myself. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my dear friends for my long silence. I know some of u might think that im creating excuses for not keeping in touch. Like I said before only KPLIans know (especially in MPPM) what is going on in their lives this whole year. I was very devoted I cant even remember when was the last time I shop for new clothes.Im sorry I keep on delaying our meet ups and all. I will try my best to make it up to u guys okey.Cheers. To Amzari sorry for not spending much time with u (luckily u r as bz as me too hehe).

To all Science secondary PGTC 2006 I wish u girls all the best wherever u are. Till we meet again. These are some shots taken during our sweet year. Enjoy!









Friday, December 1, 2006

end of the road

No way this can be a deceiving matter. The thing is im done with my killer course. I've gone through all the obstacles! I've completed all the assignments that never fail to driving me nuts. I also have passed the practicum weeks which started somewhat as disaster really, but with a happy ending (this is where I met him *wink wink*). And most of all I manage to sit for my fatal final exam which was quite okaaaay laaa...Dun wanna think bout it. Above all else, Im very thankful to God that Im still alive.With full sanity!No kidding!What a big relief...

So technically I've graduated. Woohooo!!!

Today is my final week of induction.Three weeks of lecturing u should be glad did not puke by the end of the day. Belive me..U would't wanna do it twice.We wrapped up the whole sickening week with yet another exams. Funny with this exam stuff.The more I try to avoid it the more I bump into it.Haiyyooo...I still got another round in the end of BTN week.Sheeeeshhhh.Sabar je laa

What's left is to wait for our posting which makes my heart stop a beat and malfunctioning my digestive system insatntly just thinking about it. One of my friends already got hers.She'll be allocated in Sarawak.I dunno whether to take this as a good news or a bad one.

To all KPLI guys. Be strong and I wish u luck wherever u'll be after this.Im sure u guys will be fine.

Me? Fingers crossed!!!

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