Wednesday, August 22, 2007

With All Due Respect...

Okey, I've decided to edit and repost my previous entry and put it in with the sweeeeetest and nicest words possible. I'd like to rephrase my improper and harsh (mild) sentences because unlike some people, I still have an intact and well-functioned brain and above all, I still have a HEART.

So here it goes....

Dear friends,

I am sorry if i dissappoint or may not reach your expectations in any ways. None of the moments happened intentionally. Perhaps you should understand that I can not satisfy everyone and at the same time neglecting what i want. After all its MY WEDDING we are talking about here.

Especially to Mr RJ, no hard feelings. I know, people like you may have been extra sensitive about things, but let me get this clearly to you that the reason why I didn't hire you as my wedding planner is simply because your design is not in the range of my theme. Don't get me wrong. A lot of people do think your design is superb. If not, you won't be having customers from all over Malaysai seeking for your service.

See, the thing is when it comes to wedding especially with the name "Suhana & Amzari" in it we rather stick to the traditional one. I still want to wear kebaya and songket for my big day. And he still wants a kompang team to liven our special day.

I am so sorry for not hiring you. I hope you can stop insulting me or the bridal shop I'm hiring or the kompang team or anything to do with my wedding. I do not want things to get uglier. You haven't seen the dark side of me yet. Believe me you wouldn't wanna.

Besides, if I don't hire you there are still plenty of people who are interested in your creation so don't be such a jerk! Trust me I didn't mean to flush your business down the toilet.

Hah! That's better.

Oh, on a separate happy note, darling is coming back today. How I miss him so much. Hehe...Padahal dulu-dulu jumpe 2 bulan sekali pun tak kisah. SInce he's staying like a jiffy from my house every week jumpe pun macam tak puas. Kemaruk nak kawin agaknye eheheh.

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