Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Two to Tango

I hate him. I hate him not.Okay. Whatever. The thing is, I am sick of this never ending stupid game of his. Just as I expected, after a week A turns out to be a total stranger to me. Getting back to school was already the most dreaded thing I’d do and now him acting like weirdo??? I mean what’s with him anyway? I don’t see why he should pull the acts of not noticing me when I thought we’re cool with each other. Or so I thought…Was he been hypnotize when he texts me every other day? Was he not himself orrrr was it really not him sending me those stuff???

I mean if he really doesn’t like me he can simply spit it to my face? Okay la paling bodoh pun gimme some hints la like “Oh I still can not get over the fact that Siti married Datuk K sob..sob…”. Fine, I can accept that. But No! He had been all nice, super duper sweet the whole week, which I think would make any girl with sanity, you know like completely perasan la that this guy somehow fancy you. Haih..

Seriously why is he doing this to me? How could he? You see I don’t have enough time. I mean I have tonnes of very very important things ahead of me. My life is like a bullet train. I can no longer wait for anything. Okay, don’t get me wrong here. I am not as desperate as you think. I just wanted to save some time. I don’t like wasting time. Why wait if you can do it now. Bertangguh kerja itu kan amalan syaitan *cough cough* Really I do have a point here. Anyway, with all due respect, sorry to ask, do guys really this slow when it comes to this sort of matter ??

You know, my mum was kinda excited when she found out about A. She even got overreacted when she asked my permission to read texts sent by him. Haha funny mummy! Only that, she doesn’t know for him I only exist virtually…transparence…

I do not know what to think of him anymore. I am so pissed off. I even dragged Ina too far into this matter. She helps me a lot though…Well 3 weeks to go before I end my practical here. I think it’s best for me to just let time decide what’s going to be between us. Let nature take its course!

p/s: Ina, I like your idea. You know about the secret affair hehe…

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Everytime I look at you I wish you look my way

And flash me that dazzling smile that really makes my day

But of course it's just a dream, a dream that won't come true

And for our requited love I wrote this song for u

I always think of how'd it be if we were together

You and me holding hands

I can picture it right now you and me

Its a dream, its a possibility

When I look out of my window I hope you look back at me

If only you could read my heart my loves are true you'll see

How empty my life would be if I don't have you

And for our requited love I wrote this song for you....

Sighs...now that me and A are getting along pretty well, all of a sudden Im not sure how I feel about him. Of course there hasnt been any confession made between us which means I also haven't a clue what he feels about me. See, the thing is I just do not want to repeat the same mistakes again. What if he isnt the one? Will I be wasting another several years?NOOOWAY!!!!

Anyway, so far he nvr fails to text me everyday :D. Sweeet.That is somewhat worth waiting heheh...Well, he seems like a nice person. No, he's not. He annoys me a lot.Very irritating.And still, I like it. Hhhmmm. I think maybe I'll give myself and him a chance to get to know each other before I make my BIG decision. Boy, this lovey dovey thingy really is giving me a headache!

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Spinster and The Eligible Bachelor

Last week our lecturer Mr Fun came by to observe us. For some reason I was kinda relief and very glad to see him. Suddenly I miss MPPM. I miss being around my dear friends and lecturers. Well not that I hate being here, I love being here as long is A is here but u know...

Anyway, he was supposed to ask about me academically, but no. All he ever asked was "Have u found a friend yet?" followed by tonnes of that sorta question while pretending to check on my lesson plan book. I was like huh? See, Im not sure why but ever since we first step into our class all he wanted to know is my status. And when I told him that I was single, that was when the neverending episodes began. He kept popping the same question so often it freaked me out. The fact that I am still single somehow bothered him a little too much. I told him about my previous relationship which didnt work out after several years. And how was I to know, I was doubling the sorry he already felt for me.

So as I was saying, the first and foremost Q was, have I found a friend. Me pretending to be all straight was like "Sure.I made lotsa friends here". Unsatisfied with my silly answer he push me with some Q's like whats his name?How old is he?Is he a local?Is he a graduate?Haiyya...this old man aaa bukan main-main. He seriously wanted me to settle down! He even ask the teachers in the staffroom if there's a single unmarried teacher here. Obviously all the hintings lead to the sole eligible bachelor A! I was soooo busted! I was half chocked when he asked my discipline teacher to like, adjust me with him. His words really really baffled the teachers. I can feel my face turn blue at that moment. Malunya! Suddenly I felt like sending him back insatntly HAHA!

But wait. The story didnt ends there. When I came back to my parents last week, I had a hair cut. I told my mum that amoi hairdresser thought I look like Siti Nurhaliza and bored me with her stories of how she was a fanatic fan of Siti's. Luckily she didnt volunteer herself to sing her number, or else I might end up a pair of scissors poking in my head! So anyway, mum asked me "So, siti yang ini dah ada Datuk K ke belum?" I was like NOOOOOO....I cannot take those kinda Qs anymore! This isnt good! Suddenly everyone is very concerned. Mum never asked me that sorta Qs SERIOUSLY!She never really cared when Im going to get married. She even got a guy in her mind already. Mum wants to matchmake me too?

Then before she get carried away with this guy of hers, I told him about my darling A hehe. Mum gives me the greenest light Ive ever got from her in my entire life. You just cant imagine how happy I was. For the first time in my life, Mum approved me with someone my own choice!Yeay!

But, the problem is I dont know how A feels for me. I also nvr told him about my feelings. Could it be he.....Oohhh I cant say no more. I have less than a month to do something. Something that makes him not only notice me but feels my presence even when Im not around chewah!

So guys, pleaaaaassee wish me luck. Its now or never!

Thursday, August 3, 2006

school trip

Im chaperoning the school kids to penang tomorrow. Ina also going. The most exciting part is A will be coming too! That means I can see more of him.Yeay!Veeeeeeeery looking forward to the trip. Hope it'll turn out great.

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