Monday, April 30, 2007


The most annoying and irritating person I hate the most and could rule the top charts on my despise list for ages...would be my boss! And her cronies...

Yup. She's a real b****. I know it sounded too harsh but you just don't know her. She denies all our rights for a shitty reasons no one in a clear state of mind would have except them.

Anyway I despise her with all my heart. Nothing in this world could change that for now. Sometimes I imagine bad things would happen to her and she would just knelt over us all begging for forgiveness. I am the cruel one that's right...just say it. I don't care less!

When is she retiring anyway? Doesn't she has any chronic diseases or something?

Friday, April 20, 2007

Sweet Escape!

My convo is 2 weeks away and I have nothing to wear!

Oh its going to be great catching up with the girls. Damn I miss them so much! Very looking forward for this exciting days!

Okey, okey fine. So I am going to ditch this horrible place I'm working at just for a couple of days. I mean this is the only time when I can take a time off from those brats at school. Nothing wrong with that rite? Rite?

What a sweet escape!

Going Flat

I noticed that when Im wearing a flat shoes I save more energy than usual! Being a teacher that requires me to walk up the 4th floor 4 times a day, climbing to the staff room 10 times a day and standing while teaching in the class whole day it somehow sounds so absurd for me to slip on a pair of high heels. I wonder still how do the other female teachers can stand the torture?

Flat shoes give is very comfy, roomier and easy for me to move around real quick and the best part is, those brats at school can never guess when im around and getting nearer to them hehe...Best time to attack.Surpise surprise!

Well not that sexy me aight? I know. I think otherwise...

Anyway on a happy note both my Sis and future SIL were qualified to enroll in the KPM Foundation programme in Tangkak. Congrats to both u lovely sis!

And on another separate happy note, Happy 3rd Anniversary to dearest Deqnor & Razi. 3 beautiful years with 2 cuddly heroes to brighten up their days. And I am still the same me with extra 10 lbs heavier. Sheeeesh. I hate it when time flies! Oh and thank you Deq for keeping in touch.Very much appreciated!

p/s: My darling fiancee also has been gaining weight. He thought maybe its not about the way we eat(hey, I watch my diet okey?). Its the hormone. What do you think? Hmmmm???

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dip. Ed.

Went to IPPM yesterday. I waited like ages for them to post my result. I had myself sent them an empty envelope for their convenience to rerpost it back to me but no, they are all "too busy" for God only knows what...So I decided to take things on my own.

And guess what?? I got 3.61 woohoo!!! Congratulations Suhana!Well surely there are plenty of them whom are way more genius than I am. But that is not the point. I made another record for my life achievement.Good for me hehe.

Yes I may be excellent in education theoretically but technically I'm not as good as a teacher. How can I be one if I never have a heart in this area. Im not saying that I was a good RO either. When I was an RO I never get to complain of the terrible loadworks.I somehow enjoy the piling up of my desk.

Im not saying that I dislike teaching because of the small pay. To tell u the truth the pay was equivalent to my last post. Im talking about work passion here. Its almost 4 months and still I imagine handling a pippette when actually I was holding a chalk in my hand. Hehe..The thing is I sometimes miss my job. I wish I could get back to the area of researching. But u know the saying everything happens for areason. I can accept that.

Its just that being a teacher is not as easy as you think. Whats with the students, the colleague and ooohh did i mentioned about the school birocracy? Its suck!

Oh well at least I get a full support from my darling fiancee.I must say he is a very good teacher. A tough one. the school like very much depending on him and yet he never complained. He is truly my inspiration.Wow suddenly I miss him so much. When was the last time I saw him??? Hmmm....Went to Melaka yesterday and not having the chance to meet him. What a waste. Oh right, he is schooling while Im not hehe...

Anyway wish me luck. Iam currently jeopardising my whole entire life!

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