Saturday, February 4, 2006

the rollercoaster ride

last weekend, i took my freak kid siblings to the funfair. i, for one to be frank, had never liked the place very much. blasting sounds of irrittating techno music n crowded with people im not sure why they were there, since they seemed lost to me after, had it not been for those darlings, i wouldnt be there at the first place all my life (see how nice a sister i am??!!).

and i get to ride a rollercoaster.yup, it was my first attempt in..err, i dunno 16 years?? the thing is, i never like those extremely high velocity machine. it was my kid sis! she forced me to!! i told u she was a freak!!soo, i got into that horrible thing. i shut my eyes the whole ride..all i can remember was, my heart were pumping like mad, thank God it didnt explode!!Oh, yes....and i scream to the top of my lungs till the end hehehh...and this time seriously, for sure, i swear i'll keep my distance off that ferocious beast...end of story!

p/s:who ever invented those heartstopper thingy anyway??

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