Saturday, February 11, 2006

riding the bus on my own

I think I'd had enough with the Malaysian public transport.Not that I'm holding anything against the public transport.Noooo...really, it makes my life plenty times easier...not to mention the convenient. In fact I love to just sit my lazy butt back on the bus, enjoy the ride and sooner, slump into my deep sweeeet slumber hehe...

Buuuuuuuuut, the thing I dreaded most when riding on any public transport, especially on a long journey, is the passenger seated next to me. Can't they just shut their filthy mouth up?? Can't they see the obvious loathing look sticking on my pretty face??? Were they too stupid to see the meaning of it?? Boy, these kind of people are just simply SELFISH!! Not to mention irrritating. Believe me, I don't mind them being so damn mute and not by all means to prove their courteous hearts of a MAlaysian.

I've even started an arguments, once, just because I POLITELY telling that particular person I am soooooooo sleepy and wanted to take a nap. And that obnoxious person took my action quite the opposite!! I don't get it?What happen to my privacy??! More important, what the heck is possessing them to react as such??!That makes me men really are from Mars????Oh well.....

Soooooo starting from now onwards, I won't risk myself taking bus alone, unless with at least a friend. End of story.

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