Monday, January 30, 2006

my bestfriend’s wedding

Monday, January 30th, 2006

I love attending wedding receptions. Everybody looks happy, everybody looks pretty. Yesterday, my bestfriend Shima, got married to the luckiest man alive…. She of course, the prettiest of them all. I dunno why, but I think I love looking at brides. They look so glowing n flawless… if u ask me, I’d like to be as pretty as a bride!!Shima n hubby chose pink as their theme colour.Cute sangat!!"Pink is my favourite colour…Pink is the colour of passion" -Pink, Aerosmith eheheh…

So she’s married…I felt very happy for her, I really do…But no matter how hard I tried to convince her, she can see the sadness in my eyes…maybe laa…Ade lah sedih sikit.. Mana taknye…she’s the only friend I have remain in Kluang…and now she’s leaving…I will be left alone for the umphteenth times I dunno…I hate feeling this way..Feeling left out and unimportant anymore…Surely, things will never be the same again after this…She has her own things to priorities now…

As for me??Oh well, as they say, life must go on…I have to move on no matter who got married right?It’s all written anyway, things happen for a reason…My time will come sooner or later..I’ll just have to wait for the ugly frog prince to appear..Or is it the other way round…hmmmm??

To shima and hubby, I wish them endless happiness n bright future ahead of them.My prayers will always be with u.Till death do them both apart.AMIN.




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