Tuesday, February 14, 2006

out of the blue

heard Apa Saja from KRU last night.nice soothing song, obviously had nothing to do with my life, but still i like it.somehow it reminds me strongly of my dear long lost friend IZAN HANI.we kinda lost contact for quite several years.

i wonder how is she doing now.i dont have a clue where she'd be right now.where she works?has she married??with kids???is she still the same ol' cute, lovable, joy and hyper like i used to know her?suddenly all the memories came crashing into my brain.all the bittersweet memories we had during our school days...

wow.i think i miss her.

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Anonymous said...

sis, if you read this, she is my sister, glad that u still remember her..she's getting married soon.. :)

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