Saturday, February 11, 2006

truth hurts

I hate it when people could sense my weaknesses, and by all means try to correct me right there into my face. I find them a bit insulting and irritating! I dunno, maybe they came with good intention…but still, I can’t resist the funny feelings crawling in my body whenever this situation happens. Not that I refuse to accepting criticisme…I think, of all people in this world, I’ve experienced the most of embarrassment and humiliation u guys won’t even imagine…oh, don’t bother!

I have also, unfortunately carry this silly trait of having fear of telling people what is right from wrong… even in the most subtle ways! How am I going to correct my student in front of the whole class without feeling sorry or pity for him or her. Surely I'd go all guilty immidiately the moment I do so. I have to think of something very fast!! Hmmm…Yes, maybe I write and acknowledge them…Brilliant!!No, no. That doesn’t sound quite right, does it??

Hey, what am I crapping about? I can do this! I actually long to yell and scold at people like those ladies on the service counter usually did. I just got to build up a bit of courage and confidence. Ha! There. Done. Problem solved!

Or is the writing thing more applicable??

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