Monday, January 8, 2007

Virtual Friend (NOT!)

I have this weird friend (hmmm is he really a friend?) who likes to text me at wee hours.Between 3-5 am in the morning.I mean is he on the other side of the world??As far as I concern he is merely a couple of hours from here.I think...

Anyway FYI I met his acquantance also in a weird way. Okey this the the wordt part.You see, he found a stranded wallet somewhere in NT and it so happen that only a card complete with my details on it was left remain inside it. So acting like a good Samaritan he called my number to inform about his discovery.

Dah la his words very annoying."Takkan awak tak ingat wallet boyfriend sendiri?Ni mesti ramai boyfriend ni?" I was like, hello Mr. Nice Guy, have u got no manners at all?No communication skill wahtasoever?Bad PR betul la mamat ni....

So to cut it short, it was one of my students'.So he was like"Eh, awak ni cikgu?" and I went "Yeah.Why?You got problem with that?" and he laughed irritatingly saying that we are on the same boat. He is also a KPLI teacher. Lepas tu barulah dier ckp elok2 sikit.Lama plak tu.Like I care...

He on the other side begitu gembira dipertemukan dgn aku.Heh.Silly.He ask me whether he can keep the card.Bodoh.Tadi kemain ckp takde manners dgn aku, dandan nak minta kad tu plak.Menyesal aku ckp tak kawin lagi.Awat laa lurus sgt suhana oi?!

Well, shit happens sumtimes.

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