Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Tying the Knots

This entry was supposed to be published last year hehe...Somehow lazying around kept me buzy. Oh well, its end of the year and again everybody is getting married. The same lame yet popular question popping out to me is when is my turn?? Scary really.....

Strange enough, I noticed that I shed tears in almost every weddings I attended.Stupid I know.The thing is I get a little confused sometimes. Was it a tears of joy or otherwise. Well of course Im very happy for my friends, especially close ones that they end up married happily ever after.

Okey, last few years maybe the tears ,meant something for me. I mean I used to also question when will be my turn. Now that Im seeing someone, the same old lame question (refer Par. 1) becomes even scarier!!

Anyway, I know Im ready when Im ready aight? Of course I want to get married.Who doesnt??The thing is how can u tell whether you are married to the right person? No.Its not that I dont trust Amzari.Or being so judgemental on him.He's been a darling so far.Sooo....

And he wants to meet my parent with or without my permission. Why am I being suronded by scary people. Come again??

Oh, btw congratulations to dear friends on your weddings. No mre shed tears for me, its time to shed some kilos I certainly do not have a single clue where did they come from(wink wink) hehe...




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