Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Meet my Parent

This is insane. Im not dreaming obviously.Like he promised, Amzari did came and met my parent yesterday.010107.Im not sure whether he is the crazy one or me.Okey.Im crazy.He is even crazier.Affirmative.But actually Im very very glad you see. Yesterday was the most happiest day. Such a good start for new year dont you think?? Everything turn out soo well my fright gradually disappeared by itself (dia yang datang jumpe parent aku, aku plak yg gelabah lebih, ape kes??) hehe...I think my parent and my granny they all like him.Hopefully.

He is a person full of surprises.Sometimes it seems so impossible for me to cope up with them all.But I like! Thank you sayang. You mean so much to me, muah!

Happy New Year to all


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