Friday, January 5, 2007


I am now finally a graduate teacher. I am also glad to be posted at SMKTAB. I could hardly remember the twist and turns in the school after over a decadeI last stepped there.

Somehow....Im not saying that I do not like being in here, but I can not resist but to keep on remeniscing days in SMKLC. To tell you the truth I actually missed all the things there!!The teachers, the lab assistants the staff and my cute loyal adorers the students. I mean of course practical weeks were near to death for me but I dunno I miss them all.Guys, how I wish Im a permenent teacher there.Wait.Will I be happy there.No? Then why do they keep on crossing in my mind?? The things I've done there in school, in the hostel at the small town.Why??????

Im stressed my brain hurts. I need help.I want my sayang......

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