Sunday, March 21, 2010

Zero Courtesy

Have you ever been in a situation where someone in the lines involving PR never actually practice their PR skills properly? Well I do!! Countless time!!!

For instance just this evening I went to find some chiffon fabric for my sister. Went to one famous fabric store in town with a TOTAL LOWSY SERVICE !!! See one thing that I really can not tolerate is rude people. Seriously very rude. With the words coming out from her filthy mouth, with the annoying eye contact and facial expression. Errgghh... really make me want to slap her hard!

Nnway, the conversation went something like this:

Me : Kak, berapa harga semeter kain ni?
Kak biadab: ( responding while her eyes were scanning some place else) RM3.90
M: Saya nak beli 4 meter bole kurang tak kak?
KB: (with her half yelling tone and bulging eyes) Ni dah habis offer ni dik kalau tak RM4.80 tau!

Okay, part ni yang memang tak boleh blah please continue reading

M: (still trying to sound oh so nice) Ok la kak. So 4 meter berapa ringgit?
KB: Eh, awak kirelah sendiri awak kan orang muda??!!
M: (ha ni aku mmg dah tinggi suara) Aik? saya kan customer kak ??!!

Whats with the attitude? Hey, ingat aku takde duit ke nak bayar. Oh kalau kau cakap kurang ajar dengan aku takpe kan? Tapi cube kalau aku tengking anak kau yang tak pernah siapkan kerja sekolah tu boleh? Tau kau nak pi repot kat paper kan? Memang cilaka la orang jenis macam ni. Spoil mood aku betol.

Oh btw I end up buying the kain anyway. Sigh...

To those out there, doesnt matter if you are a sales person, bank officer, clerk or a toilet attendant please do not mix personal life with your profession. Do not use us as your punching bag. I heard some shit about respect, you have to earn it. Fine. But being courteous come on la...

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E L L A said...

KB ! haha nice name ya, kak biadab . n the sister is me yeay !

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