Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The One Lucky Girl

The Biggest Loser Asia definitely kept me stuck in front of the tv each time the series' on air. Sitting on the couch religiously every tuesday night and errr munching something on (so much an inspirational show eh, suhana?)

And tonight they were announcing the final four contestants that made it to the finale. For those who followed this show would know that Martha won the golden ticket to the finale for free. Yes, she won the immunity and get to be the final four despite of the not so proud weight loss she's been pulling throughout the show. Oh, and did you see the smirk on her face? Shheeeshh...

Could see the obvious faces of honest disbelief among other contestants since Martha for a few consecutive weeks has always been below the yellow line. You are damn one lucky girl there babe! That kind of luck you dont get to see em everyday. One of a kind!

Nway, all the best to the final four. Break a leg y'all!!

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