Thursday, March 4, 2010

Self Conflict

I know I should put this matter far behind long time ago. I mean its been more than 3 years already. But someone I like the least in school today just couldnt resist provoking me with her stupid idea.

Soon she will be as tough Principal like her mother. She got the size of her mum already you see said this one annoying fellow colleague of mine to the other teachers. I thought the cafe is a place to chill out. A 20 min getaway from the much depressing dog-eat-dog world outside. But no, ada pulak makhluk puaka yang sesat kay!

The thing is I do not like the idea of this person who thinks I am inspired by my mother (who happens to be a teacher) of what I became now. Well really if you ask me I think I was cursed to be a teacher. The whole other side of me (read : worst) revealed and never did I see after all these years the best part of me blossoming because of this job. No offense to all the teachers out there

Naturally I just miss my old job and hanging out with my wacky friends. Thats all.

Butty on my wedding ( She's gonna kill me for this!)

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