Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cat Story

If you must know, I had a few pet cats within the past 5 years but unfortunately they were all died tragically. Well, not all of them die, one we let him go on purpose and one more run away with his girl hehe...

It was indeed frustrating you know, not having the chance to see them grow up. Sangat envy okay, with some of my frens who got to keep their pets alive to date. My entire family especially me, my sis and my mum, we love cats so much we were crying rivers on the day they died. I mean, I didnt even cry that hard when my grandmum passed away. Hurrmmm...
For the time being we havent got to keep any cats yet. I wanted to but hubby said hold on first. Oh, maybe he secretly is palnning to buy me a Persian breed?? *wink wink*

I got this from some people saying why you keep pets, soon if you have kids it could cause asthma to your kids. Well good news everyone the theory is just a total myth (read:hubby) and I for one think that the whole propaganda myth about cats causing asthma was invented by a serious cat haters! Huhu

Nway really miss those time when the cat waited for us to come home....

Kiko in memory

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