Sunday, January 29, 2006

military school

For the 1st time in 25 year, i feel ALIVE!!Yes, i feel lucky to be alive n breath n set my foot on this precious universe.Thing is, I've just finished my orientation week in MPPM.I've never been in any orientation week in my whole life so, this thing is kinda shocking for me.How was the week like, i really do not feel necessary to elaborate'em here.One thing describable is i felt like one tortured recruit in a military school.It was super HORRIBLE!From the moment the programme started i despise that place already!

But proud of myself for going thru the week n not turning into a total lunatic hehe...In fact im starting to like the place...The lecturers, the students the creepy environment...Mind u im staying at a used-to-be-a-British-collonial-hospital-turn-hostel, so go figure!!

I hope this year brings a new whole perspective in my life n id like to be more optimistic n responsible.I cant believe im going to be a teacher!!

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