Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Okey my demented lil sis has left for Matrikulasi Johor @ Tangkak this morning. Only a few hours and I miss her already. Butty, u r right. Dekat bau taik jauh bau wangi hehe...

And my darling also masuk hutan for a week since yesterday. Dah macam askar pulak. He's taking the students for a Wilderness Camp Adventure somewhere in Langkawi. Syok la dia bercuti! Aku kat sini...

Missing two precious persons in my life at a time really driving me nuts. Okey, some mights say alaa a week isn't that long. Pejam celik jer dah seminggu. I can not put it into words la this kind of feeling. He's in Melaka I still can take it la, but in Langkawi the whole week and no sms or phone call (hutan takde line daa) well, may be Im just a lil too over reacting. I don't know...

Anyway, to my sis, all the best there. Tak sangka dah besar adik aku ni. Dah masuk matrik hehe...and to my darling, do take care of yourself there and cepat-cepat laa abis seminggu!

Have a nice week y'all!

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