Friday, May 18, 2007


Okay, so I was a day late. Anyway how was y'all teachers out there celebrate your special day?

Well, I celebrated my debut teacher's day way better than I had expected. I don't know about the rest of my colleague teachers but personally, my first time celebrating the day was so meaningful and of course memorable!

So what did I do yesterday? Let's see...I participate in Sukaneka and I played netball with the students. And we won (of course la the kids bagi chance kitorang menang kan...). Tiba2 teringat last time I played netball was in MPPM and I accidentally stuck a finger in my friend's nose. Tulah Niza sapa suruh hang tinggi sangat n berdiri kat belakang aku plak tu dekat sangat. Nak sambut bola jari tersangkut kat lain plak. HAHAHA. Sorry ek Niza peace!!!

Anyway I don't like netball. My former lecturer said it was a graceful game. I say its a perfect game to start a fight. Oh well...

Back to the original story, so we won the game. After the game there was this few award giving by the students and voted by the students. Ala-ala MTV KId's Choice la hehe. At first I find this stuff very bosan la. Of course la we already knew who are the most garang teachers in school for a very obvious reason (yawning). And suddenly, to my horrific surprise I was nominated among the most sporting teacher! Hah! I was like experiencing near death you know! Seeing my own face filling the big screen left me very speechless. Crazy kids! Don;t you have someone else to pick? And the most important don't you realize how fierce I was? Hehe...

Anyway I didn't win la. But to be shortlisted among the mentioned category was somewhat honorable. Not bad for my not even half year at the school huh? So the kids noticed me laa all along hehe. Glamer gak aku haha wink wink).

And the presents! They are dolls, the kids. Never had I imagined the bundle of presents would lay on my desk. So happy la I dont know how to tell! Thank you kids!

So I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the teachers out there HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY (tho kinda late, sorry!) especially to my mum, my darling fiancee (kesian dia x dpt celebrate for the 3rd time ye sayang? tiap taun outstation time that date) and my dearest ex-MPPM girls wherever they are. Not forgetting my fellow colleagues @ SMKTABK. Marilah kita menjana modal insan yang cemerlang! Ceh macam poyo plak hehe...

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