Thursday, May 10, 2007


I hate it when time flies. 3 days didnt seem enough for me to spit out a whole full bags of beans. Anyway meeting up with the girls were a blast! Hey, I miss u guys already!!!!

On another note, being awarded a DISTINCTION apparently occured absolutely nothing to me. Pointless. Meaningless. Why?

School holiday is just around the corner. Looking forward to meet my sweetheart. Yeay! Boy, this long distance (not so the distance lah hehe) relationship is really killing me!

Itu jer lah yang aku pikir sekarang ni. Cuti sekolah hehe.

Oh anyway there's gonna be a BIG programme for me after the holiday. And it involves the MOE. Aiyoh, why do I have to be that girl in duty. Pffftttt.......

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