Sunday, July 9, 2006

La Tortura

it felt soooo indescribably good to be out of the school n back home!seriously u hv no idea, ok.only a week n im a total zombie.get this, i wake up at 6, go to school, run to cc searching for T&L materials, mkn, mlm buat lesson plan for tomorrows class plus d worksheets, got to bed at 3, wake up again next morning at 6 n repeat the whole thing over again. yup, call me mental i dun care less....

this is insane. sooo torturing i dont know if i can make it or not..

oh, n please dont get me started with the brats at school.u see, im not good with kids .really, its not my thing dealing with them so, im sorry if i didnt reach the expectation...but maybe i'll get better gradually eh?

so, a week down 9 left to go.will i still be in the running?will i survive?? counting days is my latest obsession HAHA

on a happy note, congratulations nisaa, deqnor n faz on their new born babies.i wish nothing but happiness to the mother the babies n the nisaa, next time spare me those labouring details okay.u make me think twice even to get married!

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