Monday, July 17, 2006

Breaking all the rules

Remember I once said that Im not the person to pull a stern face and tell someone whats right from wrong? I guess now I have to take back my words. Haaiihhh...

Ni semua gara-gara kelas 4KM1 yang mcm setan tu! Seriously, stepping in the class, I feel like Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Mind instantly. HAHA. The kids I tell u, are sooo spoilt and corrupted.

So anyway, that one historic day, when the tension ran very high and the kids are really getting on my nerves I exploded. Yup. I actually yelled at the whole class. U just can not imagine how satisfying I felt. Aku pulak yg mcm kena rasuk. Kalau laa ada lecturer observe confirm gagal aku heh. The bad thing is, I felt terribly guilty afterwards for throwing harsh words at those brats. But hey, they do deserve that okay?

Well, i know that was my big mistake. But making up with them is a big NO NO. Sometimes u hv to do that u know. Another way to motivate people. Ckp lembut2 ni dh takde effect dah!

Wait! The interesting part is just yet to come. By the day, the class monitor came to me and pass me a letter. My initial reaction was like "Oh, now u want to blackmail me ha? Lu ingat gua takut??" Tapi yang sebenarnya aku gerun jugak ehehe..But contrary to my own speculation it was an apoligizing letter. i was like touched u know. Budak-budak pailang tu minta maaf kat aku? kah kah.

Seriously I cried. Tapi esoknya sama jer perangai diorang. So I let them be lah. What to do? Its their nature.

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