Sunday, July 30, 2006

Indecent Envial

Yesterday, our lecturer, Cikgu Jafri came by to observe me and Ina. We were in the middle of a discussion at the school cantin when suddenly my sleepy eyes caught the attention of this familiarly golden Honda. Grinning almost instantly I was like "Oooo he's still at school hehe..." It was about 3pm according to my watch.

Cikgu Jafri was checking my lesson plan while I practically wandered around searching for my eye candy. Definitely no sign of him here. So off Cikgu Jafri went. It seemed like someone was waiting for him somewhere. On our way home, there he was. I saw him. In a blue shirt. In a class having a discussion with a group of students. I was like Waa, how dedicated a teacher he is. Bagus. Bagus. But hang on, something wasn’t right there.

I turn my head again and yup, all the students were girls! What were they actually doing? Were they really need help? Suspicious betul! They got all the time in the world to be next to Cikgu A and spend time with him. Whereas me? Heck he doesn’t even notice me! He doesn’t even care if I were checking on him now n then. May be he is used to that phenomenal.

Suddenly I realized something. Is this how it feels to be ignored. To be neglected. To be rejected?

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