Saturday, July 22, 2006

Getting Flirty

My life @ SMKLC was nothing but boring to death until last week. His presence really caught my attention. I dunno why. How come I've nvr seen him before? Maybe I was too busy to look around the whole school hehe.

It started when some of the students mentioned his name n apparently trying to matchmake me with him la. I was like not again?? At first I was not interested at all, but somehow I was secretly searching for this teacher in speaking!So there he was. As me n dear mate Ina were having our lunch, dia dengan selambanya fill his plate n join us. Can u imagine? I was like "Oooo so ni la dia Cikgu A.." He was like surrendering himself. No need for me to look for him anymore.Yeay!

So Cikgu A was not that all handsome laa, but there's something about his mysterious look that makes me go uumm a bit wild? Yup, hes got this stern looking face n all but funnily I find it very sexy hehe.Like I said I dunnno why. I've nvr felt this way before for years u know?! It certainly does sounds crazy but, wait till he flashes his nice set of chompers haiiihh....n his eyes aisay...Simply irresistible!

Anyway, I only want to spice my life a lil bit. That's all. Lagipun, I dont think he know my name at all :(.
Well, looks like now I have a reason to wake up every morning n go to school hehe....
Gosh, what am I now a serial stalker????

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