Saturday, March 4, 2006

A Tale of Two Sisters

last few weeks, i had a fight with my kid sister.A BIG far as i concerned it never occured to either of us that one day we will involved in such horrific event.i mean, she is the one and only sister ive ever had, and apparently the bestest fren of all my best frens(girls, no offend ok!)...serius...

if there was someone to be blamed for this to happened, that would be me...i shouldnt have yelled and threwnasty words at her.i admit to have been in a very disturbed emotion at that time.of course i feel terrible for upsetting her.and what worse i made her cry.u see, she's known for her stubbornity and fierce , so for her to cry would be over something that was very pain and hurtful!!

i am truly, truly regret for all the things i did, and u have know idea how much i needed a time traveller in my hand and take back all those things i have from now on, i vow to not making any more complaints whatsoever about her.

i love her just the way she is.i love everything about her, be it the best and the worst.i love her for her stubbornness.i love her bossy and fussy attitude.i love taking orders from her.i love cooking and washing undergarments for her.i love her for her laziness.i love it when we do silly and stupid stuffs.i love it when we hum the same tune even by heart as well as shouting the same phrase so every often.

i love her so very much that i agree not to get married if by doing so it would keep the distance off our relationship, if it makes things so awkward afterward.that is how much i love her!

but now, things are back to normal, thank God.hope it would be the first and last genocide we've ever created over something really really stupid!

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