Friday, March 17, 2006

Friend or Foe

A week before my semester break, me with my other KPLI mates attended a 4D 3N camping at this one sceneric manmade lake.The lake was true blue, just like the name, Tasik Biru.Cantik!

At first, I was so eager to go n involved in every activities scheduled for us.Yeah, of course it turned up pretty well.I mean, I never had a clue I can swim, n kayaking was so much fun!!The half day fatally walking expedition did leave a mark on my face, which my family it hard to recognise me once im back due to the 'evenly tonne of sunburn' heheh...

Well, one thing I learn about teamwork during this programme is, age apparently does not go parallel with maturity and sensibility.Get it?The older u get does not guaranteed the wiser u will become.I never should have chose that old hag as my team leader for her seniority.Next time I should opt for myself instead.Not that Im any better, but...u know...kind of :D.

Another thing a person will learn in courses like above-mentioned, is about integration n team spirit.Either u make new friends n happily moving on with ur life or u create a bunch of hideous people turn against u, n still struggling to move on with ur life.Life is all about choosing.In my case, well, may be in thate particular term I was talking about, I admit to not have achieved the objective.Heck, I wasnt even close to the objective, due to that horrible obnoxious cow some reasons I need not have to blog it here, or else, I could be the subject of loathing for the rest of my year there!

All in all, it was definitely a memorable experience I'll cherish.I may be failed to construct a good relationship with other units (I did try damn it,oh dont even get me started!), but in terms of fear-conquering n building self-esteem I passed with FLYING COLOURS!!

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