Saturday, March 4, 2006


early this year, i was among the few thousand people who felt very lucky to be selected into this programme. happy, excited and proud of myself.little did i know after about two months of enrollment, fast track lecture and the fatal assignments, the feeling of happiness would somehow slowly fading away and turns into a terrible mixture of feelings i failed to put into a simple phrase.

REALITY CHECK!!did i actually had a second thought of being here?did i really really wanted to be here?and more important is, am i the right person to be here???what have i done??oh my God, what was i thinking??!!i cant be a teacher.i cant be that straight!i cant even open my mouth and throw a single beneficial sentence!how am i, a half demented lunatic able to educate students???my presentations were horrible!my english is the worst!i am making a total fool out of myself!ohhhh, suddenly i miss my previous job.i miss being yelled by my ugly boss...or at least i miss being a DE!

idiot could i let myself being jeopardise!im so screwed!!

what must i do??quit???

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