Friday, May 7, 2010

Drama sebabak di sekolah....

Hey, sorry for the long hiatus. Well, Im not in the mood to do anything just yet. Coz Im waiting for my baby to arrive and its been almost 2 months! I cant hardly wait no more!!!
Err... mind you Im not talking about any foetus or something eheh

So what's up with school? Yes these 2, 3 weeks has been a massive disaster ( everyday of the year is more likely!) to me. You know what? I did something to a boy which my boss refer it as unprofessional. Yeah right whatever.

Tell me whats the pro bout being a teacher. I personally ( no offense to anyone) cant believe I stooped myself this low just to secure a job. I mean teachers to me has always been downgraded as time passes by. No one will remember teachers no more. We are attacked unstopable just because we somehow are just doing our job. People please I beg you just be a good parent and no one gets hurt.

Oh, nway no fret. The abovementioned boy is still alive and intact. No harm done. He's leaving the school for another different school nway starting next week. I dont care. I teach my way and if you have problems with that you can always homeschool your kids or better still you be the TEACHER yourself?

I wonder those kids yg kuat komplen kat mak pak and buruk2kan cikgu to their parent, I seriously want them to exchange places with me say for a week only. See how they turn out to be.

As for me well, I am a okay. I mean I will survive, now that Im taking Xanax

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