Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dip. Ed.

Went to IPPM yesterday. I waited like ages for them to post my result. I had myself sent them an empty envelope for their convenience to rerpost it back to me but no, they are all "too busy" for God only knows what...So I decided to take things on my own.

And guess what?? I got 3.61 woohoo!!! Congratulations Suhana!Well surely there are plenty of them whom are way more genius than I am. But that is not the point. I made another record for my life achievement.Good for me hehe.

Yes I may be excellent in education theoretically but technically I'm not as good as a teacher. How can I be one if I never have a heart in this area. Im not saying that I was a good RO either. When I was an RO I never get to complain of the terrible loadworks.I somehow enjoy the piling up of my desk.

Im not saying that I dislike teaching because of the small pay. To tell u the truth the pay was equivalent to my last post. Im talking about work passion here. Its almost 4 months and still I imagine handling a pippette when actually I was holding a chalk in my hand. Hehe..The thing is I sometimes miss my job. I wish I could get back to the area of researching. But u know the saying everything happens for areason. I can accept that.

Its just that being a teacher is not as easy as you think. Whats with the students, the colleague and ooohh did i mentioned about the school birocracy? Its suck!

Oh well at least I get a full support from my darling fiancee.I must say he is a very good teacher. A tough one. the school like very much depending on him and yet he never complained. He is truly my inspiration.Wow suddenly I miss him so much. When was the last time I saw him??? Hmmm....Went to Melaka yesterday and not having the chance to meet him. What a waste. Oh right, he is schooling while Im not hehe...

Anyway wish me luck. Iam currently jeopardising my whole entire life!

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