Friday, April 20, 2007

Going Flat

I noticed that when Im wearing a flat shoes I save more energy than usual! Being a teacher that requires me to walk up the 4th floor 4 times a day, climbing to the staff room 10 times a day and standing while teaching in the class whole day it somehow sounds so absurd for me to slip on a pair of high heels. I wonder still how do the other female teachers can stand the torture?

Flat shoes give is very comfy, roomier and easy for me to move around real quick and the best part is, those brats at school can never guess when im around and getting nearer to them hehe...Best time to attack.Surpise surprise!

Well not that sexy me aight? I know. I think otherwise...

Anyway on a happy note both my Sis and future SIL were qualified to enroll in the KPM Foundation programme in Tangkak. Congrats to both u lovely sis!

And on another separate happy note, Happy 3rd Anniversary to dearest Deqnor & Razi. 3 beautiful years with 2 cuddly heroes to brighten up their days. And I am still the same me with extra 10 lbs heavier. Sheeeesh. I hate it when time flies! Oh and thank you Deq for keeping in touch.Very much appreciated!

p/s: My darling fiancee also has been gaining weight. He thought maybe its not about the way we eat(hey, I watch my diet okey?). Its the hormone. What do you think? Hmmmm???

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