Friday, February 9, 2007

Blues Untuk Aku

have u ever wake up in the morning feeling something isn't right. u wanted so much to get back into slumber. but no matter how hard u try u just couldn't.

i do. almost everyday. the moment i open my eyes the sense of uneasiness crawling instantly up my chest, back my spine n all over my body. i wish i wasn't awake at that time. i dunno what causes that thing to happen n why. okey, okey. i do know why. but even if i tell u won't gonna believe me. or do u????

i miss him. there. i spilled it out. oh, it is soooo embarassing. i know u'd laugh!

well, that was only one ten of the cause. the rest i need not have to state it here.

see, the feeling of missing somebody is somewhat a disturbance! i could go mad had i not pull myself together. i could kill myself if i keep on carried away like this!

i like it yet hate it at the same time. it makes me so weak and vulnerable.*sigh*

the feeling of missing someone is truly undoubtly an ultimate powerful feeling i guess no one can deny.

am i right or am i right??

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