Friday, February 16, 2007

The One Who Celebrates His Birthday

Today 15 February 2007 is my darling Amzari's birthday. I am so glad that my card arrived exactly today and could give him some sort of a surprise. Well, at least I make him smile after a long day at school.

To the love of my life, may all your dreams come true. May you lead a happy life and may our love remains forever. For eternity. Amin.

On another happy note, I am sooooo relief that my annual school's Sports Day finally over. Oh, u have no idea how hectic I was this whole week. I mean of course every week is a hectic week, but this one is really a major super hectic week!

U see, of all the hundreds teachers in the school, I was so unfortunate to be picked as the emcee for, in my opinion a big hell of an event. I have to be at school as early as 8am in the morning return home just to change cloth and headed back to school to teach in the evening. And I call it a day at 7pm.

Fiuuuuhhh...I know maybe for some of u mine was not such a big deal. But get this.Doing the thing u have no idea what ur doing or have not an inch of interest of doing it at all for almost 12 hrs straight for a week. How about that? Yeah..u know what Im saying.Terrible!!

Now that the damage has been done,(Oh did I tell u what a horrible emcee I was hehe...) its time to get thrilled for the next event.OMG I cannot believe Sunday is just two days away!!!! The one event of my life. Im so excited. I really hope my best buddies can come on my special day. But I know they are all far away and may have their own agenda. But girls, I really really appreciate it if u can make it. Pleaseeeeeee hehe...

I hope everything is going to be fine this weekend. I miss him so much.After a very hard week its good to see the face that tranquilizes me instantly. After all its been a while since I last saw him.

To all my friends, do pray for our happiness.Luv u guys, really!

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